Clean Ocean Initiative is a collaborative program for cleaner oceans to better enhance and support sustainable fisheries, marine mammals, and an all around healthy marine life environment. The objective of this program is to spread public awareness of marine debris through collection and hands-on experience while the passengers are enjoying eco-tourism activities.


By seizing the opportunity to collect the debris and encouraging the passenger to become engaged in the activity, the passenger is educated in both the harmful impact of marine debris on the marine eco-system as well as the personal steps they can take to help prevent marine debris.


What items do we collect?

We collect balloons, water bottles, fishing line, rope, net pieces, containers, bags, and other items that can fit in our net on the American Star.


For more information about the Marine Debris Tracker App as well as where you can download it head to: http://www.marinedebris.engr.uga.edu/

Interested in collaborating with us and tracking marine debris in New Jersey?

Call (609)-898-0055 or email info@capemaywhalewatch.com !