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Bird Reports and Osprey Nest Observation...

Introduction Citizen Science is a project that depends on the collection and analysis of data by members of the general public. These large projects are often collaborative with professional scientists. Citizen science typically is used in the natural sciences, but it can be used in a variety of fields. Many volunteer programs and studies exist […]

Otolith Age and Growth – Lab Report

Otolith Age and Growth – Lab Report

Megan DeMatteo | Fisheries Science & Management Stockton University| May 3, 2019 Abstract The main objective of this study was to obtain a better understanding of otoliths, understand their important role in conducting research, and understanding the relationships between their growth rings and fish size. In this laboratory experiment otoliths will be identified, removed, embedded, […]

The Sunscreen Paradox

For people in the know, seldom is summertime fun enjoyed without the protection of  generously applied sunscreen; it’s the invisible and ubiquitous-hazmat suit worn by health-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. Sun protection factor (SPF) numbers have been part of the global lexicon longer than personal identification (PIN) numbers, and their ability to protect us from the harmful […]